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Ice cream makes you happy


Eating ice cream really does make you happy. Scientists have found that a spoonful of the cold stuff lights up the same pleasure centre in the brain as winning money or listening to your favourite music. This according a study done by the Neuroscientists at the Institute of Psychiatry in London when they scanned the brains of people eating vanilla ice cream.

Here in Namibia with our hot weather conditions, ice cream is even more popular because it is both sweet and refreshing. But even in colder months, we still love the sweet taste, whether as a milk shake, on a cone, or in an ice cream sundae.

That is why we are your number one stop in satisfying your sweet tooth and in making you happy. We at Polar Ice-cream Namibia, sell a variety of ice-cream, dips and anything ice-cream related. Our vision is simple, to provide the lowest prices guaranteed.

Four fun facts about ice cream

The first frozen dessert is credited to Emperor Nero of Rome. It was a mixture of snow, nectar, fruit pulp and honey.

The ice cream cone’s invention is said to have begun at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. An ice cream vendor there reportedly didn’t have enough dishes to keep up with demand, so he teamed up with a waffle vendor who rolled his product into “cornucopias.” Thus, the first ice cream cone!

Ice cream is a frozen dessert usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavours. Most varieties contain sugar, although some are made with other sweetners.

Before the development of the modern refrigerator, ice cream was a luxury reserved for special occasions.